Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Boys of Summer 5.10.13

The boys of summer are back.  The Goldfinches I mean. 

As soon as the weather breaks and the feeder goes back to its spot...they arrive in droves almost as ushers of Spring-time.  As if they were watching me from wherever it is they spend the winter months impatiently waiting they show up at the dinner bell and will stay late into November.  I don't even get it hung up all of the way and they are above me in the trees calling.  Either calling, or telling me to get out of the way....I am not sure which.

And with that call a bunch of other birds show up at the feeder....

Robins are meat eaters and take care of the worm...insect...and other creepy crawler population in the yard.  (photo shot from my kitchen window as he was watching me do dishes.  Apparently he just got back from his beauty appointment and is all fluffy.)

Cardinals (male and female) are the seed eaters who prefer ground feeding over the motion of a hanging feeder and love the sunflower seeds I put out.

And the baby sparrows (from may 11, 2012) nested in my birdhouse atop my clothes line pole.  I had to use a mirror at the side of the house to catch their reflection for the shot.  They are quite adorable and I will be posting more of their pics in the future.....as well as the new babies that are currently inhabiting the house now.

The Blue Jays wake me with their screetch first thing in the morning and the morning doves lull me with their call.  The Starlings converge on anything in the yard they can find to eat and the Black Crows scavenge the birds nests as soon as they are discovered.  The cow birds with their little brown heads and black bodies kind of just hang out wandering around...(pics of all to follow)....while the chickadees and the woodpeckers fancy themselves my Japanese Dogwood tree as their club house.  The Hawks perch on my neighbors roof watching for EVERYTHING....  ( I have seen them take a pigeon and leave only a circle of feathers on the ground....  And I am in the middle of it all....feeding my chipmonks and Squirrels while watching the rabbits make a meal out of my newly planted flowers and veggies.

Yes, Spring is back...and with it she brought the Boys of Summer....

Friday, May 3, 2013

The mornings birdsong 5.3.13

There is birdsong now filling the air this morning...that, and the sound of a barking dog somewhere off in the distance.  A few cars go up the road breaking the silence of the song...and then it resumes.

I took my morning walk and checked out the garden while trying to decide what to plant where.  I do this every year....walk...think... and end up putting the same things in the same places.  I planted the small, raised bed yesterday with the lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and sunflower seeds.  I need to plant the sunflowers in with something else because those little bugger chipmonks always seem to find them and eat them before they germinate.  Oh the pictures I have of them doing that.  And the look on their faces when I catch them.....probably as surprised as the look on mine.

While walking around the Douglas Fir I saw the birds nest from yesterdays gathering photos.  Constructed overnight and right at eye level.  Probably not a good thing for the predators that lurk but hopefully protection enough for them to lay their eggs.

I have had baby cardinals in my Japanese Dogwood and their eggs are pretty too, but I don't know if anything surpasses the color of a blue robins egg. This is the one I found in the flower bed beneath the holly bushes.

And here is the nest found today and still empty. 

I see the two robins flying in and out of the tree this morning still busy with their preparations and I am leaving them to their peace.  Hopefully in a few weeks there will be a few more little ones fluttering around adding to the mornings birdsong.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring-time stillness.... 5.2.13

It is quiet here now. The best time of the morning.

I sit with my tea and take in all of the stillness before getting my day going.  Spring-time stillness.  The windows are cracked open letting out all that was winter and letting in all that is new, and fresh and I welcome it.

I walked to the end of the yard where yesterday I found a blue robins egg laying in the dirt of the flowerbed...and I checked around the trees and shrubs once more trying to see where it came from to no avail.  Every year the birds build their nests and hatch their young in these trees and for those weeks I feel so much more at peace. 

A reminder perhaps to center me again.  They, I am sure....are not thrilled to see me coming and peeping in their nests with my camera in tow.  I don't touch the nest of course, nor do I disturb them when they are on it.  I watch them going back and forth with scrap pieces of life to build these incredible structures and I am dumbfounded at how strong they are....all made without hands.  I have watched them have anywhere from one to four eggs in a nest and I have watched them hatch into these incredible little creatures....while occasionally finding one tossed out of the nest. 


Since I have lived here I have seen more nature than anywhere else I have been.  Sure, I travel to the lake area and take my photos....but in my little piece of green heaven I have been exposed to a wealth of critters and birds and butterflies .....and sure... bugs.

The photo above is from my Facebook page and it represents some of those things that make me smile.  The picture of the robins nest above was one of my favorite journeys.  They built their nest in the Douglas fir tree outside of my bathroom window and the way it rested let me have access to it without disturbing them.... much.   Okay, sure, the first time I saw it I didn't know it was there and momma was on it....and I sure found out fast what a screaming robin sounds like and how to duck and run.  But over the weeks I was able to attain such awesome photographs from the beginning of the blue egg, to actually seeing them break out.... as well as be a part of these little guys lives.  They did toss out the smallest one when the nest got too full, and the three babies went on to feed in my yard daily.  They didn't have the instincts of fear of people yet and one of them even let me touch him as he hobbled from place to place looking up at me as if he wanted me to follow.

As I looked up from the keys just now out the window I saw a robin , with a mouthful of something heading into the Douglas Fir.

and so it begins....?


Tuesday, April 30, 2013